Rewiring Your Home

A rewire of part or all of your homes electrical installation may be required for a number of reasons, either because the existing wiring does not meet your needs or because the original installation is old, possibly unsafe or faulty.

If your home does require rewiring it will need to be carried out by an approved NIC company using qualified electricians to ensure the installation will be installed to a satisfactory industry standard.

Unlike most types of work carried out in your home, a good and well executed electrical installation won’t seem to make an obvious improvement as it’s mostly unseen, but it’s probably the most worthwhile investment you can make. Not only does it provide safety and peace of mind, but it is also a good selling point should you ever decide to move house. You can also take the opportunity whilst having a new installation to make sure you have all your sockets, light fittings and appliances where you need them. Phase can help you in the design & planning of this ensuring as much as possible sockets, switches and light fittings are where you want them to be.

Electrical rewiring

Phase can advise you on exactly what work needs to be carried out, how it will be done and what the costs will be. As the rewiring of an inhabited home can cause some disruption, we make every effort to fit in with your needs and will complete the job as quickly and as safely as we can.

When your new electrical installation is complete, you will be issued with a certificate and Phase will notify Building Control who record the work and issue a compliance certificate which ensures the work carried out meets the current legislation and standards.

For more information or to arrange for us to come and talk to you about rewiring please call our office on 01732 300340 or call Paul Reeves on 07768 834087 or you can get in touch via our Contact Us page.

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